Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dining Room Updates

I was not completely hibernating over the winter.  I made a few decor updates to my dining room.  To be honest, I don't use my dining room all that often.  Maybe I should host more dinner parties.  However, you do see the dining room as soon as you enter my home so that area needs to be in decent shape to make a good impression.

One day I realized that I have a lot of dark wood on wood colors in my dining room. There is nothing wrong with my dining room set and I did not want to paint the pretty wood.

Old blah dining room
Additionaly, living in a subdivison means you can clearly see the other houses next door.

I love my neighbors and all but a little privacy would be nice

I came up with a game plan to lighten up the room and create a cozy feel.  I decided to soften up the hard lines of the windows with curtains and shade the view of the neighboring house with curtain sheers.  Curtain sheers are my go to plan for covering a not-so-pretty view from the side windows.  I have successfully implemented the curtain sheer plan in the guest room as well.  I added stretchy white chair covers to lighten the all wood furniture.  The chair covers came from here.  Added a couple of fun squirrel pillows from target and voila!  A big area rug might be nice too however, that is a big investment.


Squirrel pillow

News Flash!  Curtains + Sheer + Rods = $$$!  To cut down on costs, I purchased only three fancy curtains (instead of six) and had my wonderful grandmother cut/sew them in half {Thanks G!}.  Additionally, instead of purchasing a pricey bay window double rod, I bought a single rod and used bungee cords to hang the curtain sheers. Works great and was a fraction of the price!

Bungee cords to the rescue!

That's all for today. Stay tuned for another post soon!

Take Care!

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  1. The dining room turned out great, I didn't know if I could do the curtains, but everything worked out, Easier then I thought. Love those pillows. You always have great ideas. Just let me know when the sewing machine is needed again. Enjoy a challenge.