Friday, June 6, 2014

Vintage Metal Chair Makeover

I've been on the look out for seating options that I could use in our new screened-in-porch.  I mentioned the Habitat for Humanity Restore before.  I may have a small obsession because I peruse through the Restore on a nearly weekly basis at this point.  You never know what you will find and when the price is right, one can find some great deals.

For example, I picked up a pair of vintage metal fold-able chairs for $15.  These late 1950's vintage gold tone metal folding chairs are sturdy and still have plenty of life left in them.

1950's Vintage Chair

One advantage to older constructed chairs is their simplicity.  The vintage chairs are really simple to take apart.  I gave them a good scrub including the vinyl seat material, which are still in decent condition.

Because I planned to use these chairs outdoors, I coated them with UV-Resistant, non-yellowing Rustoleum.

I gave the frames two coats of Rustoleum and also coated that chain linked table you see in the background.  I found that little chain table on sale at Home Goods.

I switched out the seat cushion batting with a polyester batting which is mildew resistant.  I found the polyester outdoor fabric on sale at Joann's online. 

I decided to keep the original vinyl material as an extra layer of water resistance.  I added the outdoor fabric over top.

Here is the final product.  The pair of chairs is a small but good start to my future seating and dining areas on our new porch.

Pair of 1950's Vintage Chairs

Daphne likes the chairs too


  1. Hi Tara! I agree with Daphne! Great job!

  2. The chairs look great, Can't wait to sit on one, have my morning coffee when we come up. Think Buttercup will join Daphne out there also. Love G