Monday, November 11, 2013

Estate Sales

Inspired by friend and fellow blogger, Alisa with Five Eleven Decor, I checked out a couple estate sales over the weekend.  A while back Alisa posted on her blog all her favorite places to treasure hunt (although, I can't seem to find that post at the moment), and that is where I discovered  I've been searching my area for sales and found two near by.  Below are the items I picked up:

Vintage Tin Box
Skeleton Keys

My eyes were drawn to this old tin container and as I picked it up, I realized something was in it.  It was a nice surprise to find a bunch of old skeleton keys inside.

Vintage Iron
My grandmother has been looking for an vintage iron to use as a door stop.  She will get this one tied with a bow for Christmas.  Don't worry I did not spoil the surprise, she already knows about it.

I found a pair of small pillows with an neat design.  One pillow is on this red chair and its twin is across the room on the sofa.

Blue and White Decorative Pillow Shames
I've been wanting to change up the bedding in the guest room.  It was a bit too matchy, matchy if you know what I mean.  I found these two decorative flannel pillow shames at my favorite local consignment shop Carriage House Consignment. They are well within the pattern theme of the bedding but the darker pattern add a little contrast and they are super soft.

Previous Bedding
This shows the pillow shams that came with the bedding set and the matchyness (is that a word?) that I am referring to.

Hobnail Milk Glass
Hobnail Milk Glass
Vase With Clear Ruffled Edges

The milk glass collection is spreading to the mantel
I picked up the milk glass the consignment shop.  Carriage House has quite a bit of milk glass available but I am picky and search out the items at the cheapest prices.  My favorite type of milk glass are the pieces with the clear edges.  I put a few of the skeleton keys from the estate sale in the little round hobnail milk glass and two sparkly Christmas balls in the oblong hobnail milk glass dish.

And yes, I did break out the Christmas decorations.  I use the month of November as a transition month.  You will find both pumpkins and Christmas balls in my house right now.  Maybe it was the Christmas shopping over the weekend that put me in the holiday mood.

Have you started Christmas shopping?

Take Care!

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  1. Love everything! Especially the ginger tin and keys - great finds :)