Sunday, November 24, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Farewell

I spend too much time searching other DIY blogs.  I came across a couple tutorials on transforming a bathroom medicine cabinet into open shelving.

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Then I came home and stared at my small, confined guest bathroom.  The plastic, builder grade medicine cabinet jetted out from the wall and cast an ugly shadow.  While the guest bathroom is a full bathroom with tub/shower, 95% of the year it serves a powder room function.  My point is the medicine cabinet is very rarely used.

I wanted to find ways to make the small bathroom feel open and look aesthetically pleasing (pretty?).  After finding the above blog posts, I took a screw driver to the four screws securing the plastic, builder grade medicine cabinet to reveal, literally, a hole in the wall.

And then I found a problem. Why is there a wire behind the medicine cabinet?!?  I don't play with wires. I called an electrician/handyman and had that wire moved, which turned out to be an easy change to make.

Although, that did mean a small hole was cut in the drywall to move the wire  : /

I got my hands dirty on this project and went outside of my DIY comfort zone. I cut all the drywall, filled the hole with a backing board, used drywall tape, joint compound and made miter cuts for the trim. I won't lie, I made a LOT of mistakes, which means I learned a lot : )

I wanted the light to pass through the shelf so I spent the $ to order a custom cut piece of glass.  It fits perfect and has a smooth, beveled edge.

In addition, we changed out the mirror for a oval, framed mirror and added a basket above the toilet.  The photo's don't do the bathroom justice (no natural light means not the best photos). I think the new inset shelf helps achieve the open feel I am looking for and allows for small decor items to make the bathroom feel cozy.

That's all for this weekend.

Take Care!

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  1. You have been busy. The open shelf looks so much better then the medicine cabinet. Mirror plus all the other things add so much to the spare bath - powder room. Love the little hand towel with the W on it.