Friday, November 22, 2013

Open Shelves: Yes or No?

This past week I came up with the bright idea to remove a couple of my kitchen cabinet doors for open shelving.  As you can see, my kitchen cabinets are very dark. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

I was seeking a way to brighten up the dark cabinets but did not want to make any permanent changes such as paint.

Bye Bye Cabinet Doors
On a whim, I removed two cabinet doors near the sink.  It was easier than I thought - just 3 screws per door.  I styled the cabinets with white and glass dishes/cups.  The white dish set is our daily use dishes so they are now easily accessible.

But removing the doors was not enough. I wanted the open shelves to look like they were meant to be that way.  There are many tutorials online about painting the inside of your cabinets turned open shelves or making fancy foam board backing.  My cabinets have adjustable shelves so I came up with a game plan to remove all the shelves and put a piece of thin poster board covered in fabric behind the shelves for color.  It would be thin enough to fit behind the shelves and at the same time, the shelves would help keep the poster board in place.

Measure and cut poster board to size
I used removable spray adhesive and removable glue dots to stick the fabric to the poster board.  That way I can change out the fabric at any time.  I added a few more removable glue dots onto the back of the poster board and pushed it into the back of the cabinet, replaced the shelves, and put the dishes back in.

Fabric is called Apples & Pears

Kitchen cabinet turned open shelving

How fun is that kitchen inspired apple and pear fabric?  This quick change was super easy, inexpensive and not permanent.

Only problem is, my husband is not digging the open shelf concept.  I like it.  What do you think? Open Shelves: Yes or No?

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  1. I think the open kitchen cabinets looks great. Would like to know why your husband doesn't like it.