Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Treasure Hunting in Falls Church

Alisa and I checked out the treasure hunting scene in Falls Church over the weekend.  We both were interested in visiting the Stylish Patina Rough Luxe Marketplace and the retail store.  In addition, Alisa discovered a shop hop of a few other stores we were interested in.  Neither of us came home with lots of treasures but I found a few small gems.

A mini preserved boxwood topiary, old blue book and silver mercury glass style candle holder.  Both the topiary and blue book found a home on my pallet display.  I swear I change up that pallet display every single week!  I plan to use the silver candle holder in my main level bathroom open shelving when that project is finished (photo's of that project to follow one of these days).

A vintage soldered metal and glass covered box which I am using to store jewelry at the moment.  I think the box would be neat to store cotton balls in the bathroom too.

I did have to make an enhancement (fix?) to the soldered metal and glass box.

Missing leg

I found little wooden beads at the craft store that fit perfectly into the missing leg socket.  I sanded down the bead to make the dish level. Then I used construction adhesive (think liquid nails) to glue the wooden bead into the metal socket.

I painted all five legs with a primer before adding craft paint.  I decided to paint all the legs so they would look consistent.

I used craft paint in the color gun metal to paint all the legs.  She is as good as new!  At least, she is balanced on all legs now.

I am excited about the open shelving project in my guest bathroom.  I hope to finish it up this week so I can share photos.

Take Care!


  1. Love the little glass box, looks like you did a good job with the legs making them level. Very anxious to see the spare bathroom with all the changes you have made.

  2. All of your finds look great, I love the glass box :) I'm seeing them everywhere now!

    1. I think we got a decent deal on the little glass box. The others ones we found were expensive!